Product Spotlight: SunMed Growers Concentrates and Cartridges

As 2022 begins, we are starting a series highlighting new products at Peake ReLeaf. This year has yielded many new choices to aid our patients’ quest for relief from a myriad of ailments. Lots of new edibles have arrived in the form of gummies and chocolates! Existing growers and processors have developed new products that […]

Peake ReLeaf and Patients Unite to Aid Our Community

Since its inception, Peake ReLeaf has been all about serving our community.  Obviously, our primary mission is as a medical cannabis dispensary, with the goal of providing quality products and service to our patients.  But, we are also very much invested in helping to improve the lives of people in our community.  Despite being relatively […]

Peake ReLeaf Community Spotlight: The Cannabis Patient Advocacy Association

Tomorrow, Friday, October 9th come by and meet the Cannabis Patient Advocacy Association at Peake ReLeaf to register to vote, request a mail-in ballot and confirm your polling site! They’ll be on site from 4:30 – 7:00 pm! And check out the conversation that Kevin, Peake ReLeaf’s Director of Creative Marketing, had with Rita Montoya, […]

Ask Dr. Will: COVID-19/Coronavirus

By now it is quite safe to say that everyone has heard about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. There also has been an incredible amount of information thrown out to the public in a very short amount of time – some of it being accurate and some not too accurate. We also have heard alot about […]


cannabis plant sunset

#ReLeafIsHere. We’ve used the hashtag #ReLeafIsComing leading up to our grand opening, and the usage of that hashtag has been accompanied by educational videos, inforgraphics, community engagement events, and more. We believed that before we even opened our doors it was our responsibility to introduce, and in some cases re-introduce, ourselves to the neighborhood that […]

#ReLeafIsComing, Part Five

cannabis plant growing sunlight

There have been many studies conducted regarding cannabis and how it isn’t nearly as dangerous as opioid based medications. However, despite that research, misinformation continues to persist. So how dangerous is cannabis?      

A Community Worth Growing, Part Five

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One perspective we have not had an opportunity to engage, until recently, were patients that did not have an interest in a TED-style event or conference. Their stance on not being interested in these types of events was due to the specific feeling that there were not enough new patient-centered developments in the industry to […]

#ReLeafIsComing, Part Four

cannabis oil tincture

We believe it’s important to continue to separate fiction from fact when it comes to medical cannabis and its use, especially when it comes to the widely held (but disproven) belief that cannabis serves as a gateway drug. We’ll continue to share education resources and information with not only our patients, but our community as […]

#ReLeafIsComing, Part Three

cannabis flower growing

Providing relief for us means continuing to share the positive impacts the medical cannabis industry is having within our community, and across the country. While we share images and videos leading up to our grand opening (both here on our website and on social media), we are also going to be sharing infographics like the […]

A Community Worth Growing, Part Four

cannabis cultivator

We’ve spoken to medical professionals, dispensary owners, and reviewed the role that the many facets of the cannabis industry can play in creating a patient-centered engagement event that informs, educates, and empowers. For this part of our series we spoke with two patients who are using medical cannabis for their unique and specific condition as […]

Come Back Again

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