The Peake Releaf Story

Our Mission & Vision

We enhance the patient experience by consciously and ethically dispensing the highest quality medical cannabis. Using our knowledge, passion and respect for cannabis, we inspire our community to view its therapeutic benefits in a new light.

Our vision is to establish higher standards in the cannabis industry by never settling for what is easily attainable, instead always challenging ourselves to positively impact this industry and help our community thrive.

The Peake ReLeaf Story

While our company was founded in 2015, it was really formed in 2014 when 3 friends of over 15 years decided to follow their passion to pursue a license to dispense medical cannabis in Maryland. The three founding members — Warren, Nate and Tracey, were all born and raised in Maryland and remained friends even after Nate and Tracey moved to Colorado back in 2008. Working their way up from the ground floor, they watched this industry from its infancy grow into the multi-billion dollar market that exists today.

At a social gathering in 2014, a simple campfire discussion of possibilities developed into the concept of Peake ReLeaf. These three friends realized they had cultivated a unique set of skills and connections in nearly every aspect of business, both in and out of the cannabis industry. With the help of friends, family, local professionals, and industry experts whose respect we’ve earned, we began to build what would be known as Peake ReLeaf. We used connections made throughout our lives in a collective effort to win a license to dispense medical cannabis in Rockville, the city where Warren was raised.

Peake ReLeaf was not built by national consultants or businesses, but by friends with a dream to return home and create a better dispensary. Our team consists of like minded individuals, from many different backgrounds who share a foundation of collective values. It is our goal to provide patients the best quality medicine with the highest level of service.


Peake ReLeaf is a local Rockville, Maryland medical cannabis company owned and managed by members who were raised in Maryland.


Through our experience acquired in existing regulated markets, we understand the importance of providing security to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and the community

Industry Experience

Our team has participated in the regulated cannabis market in Colorado since its inception and has assisted in developing it into the influential program that exists today.

Patient Focused

It is our commitment to dispense the highest quality medical cannabis and infused products to patients.

What Drives Us

Cannabis has a rich history and has been used in many aspects of society for thousands of years.  Ancient and modern cultures have used cannabis for its medicinal, nutritional, and industrial capacities, and it was widely used in our own nation’s past.

The complexity of cannabis, and its incredible medical potential continues to amaze us on a daily basis as we learn more from the latest research.  Patients have long been denied access to cannabis based medicines, and this disproportionately affects people of color and those of lower socioeconomic status.  We are passionate about increasing safe access to this medicine for all patients, and their personal experiences strengthen our resolve.

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