#ReLeafIsComing, Part Two

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We are breaking more and more ground every day – from the signage that shines brilliantly, to creating the inviting and engaging interior of the dispensary, to the wiring that will power everything from lights to appliances to hardware – and through all of that we are working to mirror that internal effort with an […]

#ReLeafIsComing, Part One

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Over the past few weeks we have shared various definitions of relief on our social media, as seen below: We believe that part of our mission is to embrace these different facets and definitions as a part of our approach to patient care. Relief, for us, means: we know that you want to be engaged […]

A Community Worth Growing, Part Three

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In our last blog post, we spoke to medical professionals regarding the idea of bringing the cannabis industry in an inclusive conference – one that gave new engagement opportunities for every aspect of the industry. In this post, we’ll review the insight that we gained from speaking to dispensary owners. Understandably the way that dispensary […]

A Community Worth Growing, Part Two

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We’ve crossed over into a brand new year – one teeming with opportunities to learn, grow, and cultivate new relationships (personal and professional)! And in the spirit of new relationships, here is part two of our thoughts on bringing the different aspects of the cannabis industry together! In the previous part of this blog series […]

A Community Worth Growing, Part One

woman cannabis lab

As 2017 draws to a close we look to next year to provide exciting news regarding the cannabis industry, how to best work with our patients, how to continue to destigmatize this incredible plant, and what emerging technologies will help us provide better medical products for our community. To that end we see a huge […]

Come Back Again

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