#ReLeafIsHere. We’ve used the hashtag #ReLeafIsComing leading up to our grand opening, and the usage of that hashtag has been accompanied by educational videos, inforgraphics, community engagement events, and more. We believed that before we even opened our doors it was our responsibility to introduce, and in some cases re-introduce, ourselves to the neighborhood that many of our founding members and staff are a part of.

“ReLeaf is Here,” means Marylanders finally have access to safe medicine in my home state. This has been a long time coming for our community and extends far beyond our dispensary. We all have the opportunity to dissolve the stigmas of the last century, and have the freedom to choose to utilize cannabis for it’s many benefits. It is an honor to be able to be a part of this change, and we are dedicated to providing great care to our patients. I am excited to meet all of you and hear your story!” – Nate Miller, Executive Vice President & Founding Member

We’ve been open for more than several weeks now, and we can’t begin to describe how much we’ve enjoyed being your medical cannabis provider. Hundreds of patients have visited us since we opened in May, and there are no signs that this is going to slow down any time soon!

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Recently, we attended CannaCon in Detroit and were excited to be a part of the types of conversations that will continue to push this industry forward. With a focus on inclusion and innovation, we saw hundreds of people come together with the goal of making this industry better for the patients we serve.

For example, one panel entitled “Diversity & Inclusion” channeled the minority experience within the cannabis industry and how those communities are not only underrepresented but under-served. Those participating in the panel, and by extension the audience that were in attendance, also asked questions like:

  • What’s the actual customer experience for patients and how is that actually captured in popular media? How do we overcome the stigmas that exist that create barriers within the community and prevent access to medication?
  • How is the minority patient experience captured? Each and every day we see commercials for various pharmaceutical companies that not only sell a product – but an associated experience. Where are those for the medical cannabis industry? And further, where are those for the minority patient community?
  • What exists beyond the monetary value of the industry for the minority and diversity experience? Where are the advocacy and activist groups, and how can a dispensary serve as the bridge between advocacy groups and patients who need that type of community relationship?
  • How can we provide education that is culturally competent?
  • How can medical cannabis be used to restore the communities that unjust drug laws and regulations have destroyed?


One of our goals is to engage these questions, and engage our communities with these questions, and have the result of that engagement be shared through various platforms – videos, virtual town halls, and podcasting.

Being a part of the medical cannabis industry, we are in a privileged place to help push for change when it comes to the reputation of cannabis – and we know it’s also our responsibility to further examine how cannabis has historically affected and impacted many disparate communities, and how some of the damage of unjust policies and laws can be undone.

And that’s what we mean when we say “ReLeaf is Here” – it’s not simply that we have arrived in the Rockville, Maryland area and are open for patients – it is a proud declaration that we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people in our community and for every single patient that allows us to be their medical cannabis provider – and that we are working as advocates in this industry for those that do not have a platform.

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For everyone at Peake ReLeaf, this is more than just a business – it is about making sure that those that need medication are able to access it safely, and we position ourselves as advocates for those that need this type of care.

“Being here, to me, means being here for the community that we serve. We do not exist outside of our community; we are immersed inside it. And to me, that means that we have a duty to be an active part of this community and all of the many groups that live/exist/interact within this community. It has been a long road to opening our doors, and “ReLeaf is Here” means that the journey is only just beginning.” – Tracey Lancaster Miller, Executive Vice President & Founding Member

We want to hear more from you, our patients and our community, not only about your experience with us – but how we can best serve your interests as advocates in the medical cannabis industry.

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“ReLeaf is Here” means not simply providing medicine to patients but providing the opportunity to use our experience as a resource so patients can more successfully find relief in the future. Providing a space where there are no expectations or silly questions, a place where patients can openly speak about cannabis and its medicinal benefits and feel comfortable speaking about their own experiences as well. To me, “ReLeaf is Here” is the opportunity to serve our community and provide the ability for patients to access the highest quality medical cannabis in a professional, informative, and welcoming environment.” – Warren Lemley, President & Founding Member

ReLeaf is here, and we’re here to stay.

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