Product Spotlight: SunMed Growers Concentrates and Cartridges

As 2022 begins, we are starting a series highlighting new products at Peake ReLeaf. This year has yielded many new choices to aid our patients’ quest for relief from a myriad of ailments. Lots of new edibles have arrived in the form of gummies and chocolates! Existing growers and processors have developed new products that we are delighted to make available to you.

We are especially excited to draw your attention to new products from the largest cannabis growers in Maryland: SunMed Growers. Now also a processor, SunMed offers concentrates and cartridges at very accessible prices. Peake ReLeaf staff have been eager to try these new products and our in-house reviews are all positive!


Getting to Know Sunmed Growers

SunMed’s founder, Jake Van Wingerden, is a 3rd-generation greenhouse grower with many years of experience producing vegetables and flowers sold at gardening centers nationwide. His company is one of the 1st cannabis enterprises to obtain a cultivation license in Maryland.

Van Wingerden’s goal in the medical cannabis industry is to produce safe, quality medicine at affordable prices. Achieving that laudable objective with remarkable success, SunMed has raised its game as a new cannabis processor.


SunMed Concentrates

Our first order of SunMed concentrates consists of:

  • 0.5 gram Live Resin Badder
  • 1 gram Cured Resin Terp Sugar
  • 1 gram Shatter

This product release came with a couple of new flavors to us at Peake, for example, Runtz and Now N’Laterz.

Staff were very impressed with the consistency, color, taste (“delicious”), and aroma (“amazing”), and the all-important effects. THC-A potency percentages range in the mid- to high-70s; total terpenes are abundant reaching as high as 13.16%.


SunMed Cartridges

We received two categories of SunMed cartridges:

  • 0.5 gram Distillate
  • 0.5g Live Resin


Some of these strains are new SunMed varieties for Peake ReLeaf and all are worth trying. The distillate cartridges are very tasty and flavorful, as well as smooth and the kind of vaping experience we all truly appreciate. The live resin cartridges produced similarly excellent effects, while tasting more like flower, as expected.

Like the concentrates, THC-A potency percentages range from the mid- to high 70s. All have total terpenes above 8%, with several over 10% and one at a lofty 14.63%.

As is the case with flower, potencies and terpenes will vary from batch to batch for concentrates and cartridges. But these numbers are particularly impressive for an initial run of products from a new lab.


Accessible Prices

Along with quality products, SunMed takes pride in its ability to produce flower and now also concentrates and cartridges at prices affordable to medical cannabis patients in Maryland. We share that objective, as our daily sales and loyalty rewards consistently reflect. With SunMed’s new products arriving just ahead of 2022, they can be part of New Year’s resolutions to strive for better health and to try something new, while also saving money. Go to our On-Line Menu for current inventory and prices. You’ll be glad you did and we’ll be delighted to fill your order!

You can also learn a bit about SunMed through our Inside the Industry series!

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