The Holiday Talk

The holidays are upon us and that means family gatherings and “the Talk.” The cannabis talk that is.

The green renaissance is upon us with more states legalizing and hemp becoming legal. But the dirty history of “reefer madness” is still around. That means awkward arguments and unfair judgment. So know you’re not alone.

That’s why our team is sharing our stories. We’ve been there and know it’s tough, but we promise good can come from your talks!

So kick back and get ready for a medicating sesh. It’s holiday story time!


“Don’t you feel weird working as a ‘nurse’ but you also sell weed on the side?”

Angelica is our part-time patient advisor and veterinary ER nurse. And this is the most outrageous question she’s heard.

It makes her feel like she’s “better than” cannabis and that’s nowhere near the truth. Both positions need compassionate work with patients while educating them and their families.

What’s there to feel weird about?

With her dad as a long-time consumer and advocate, her line of work didn’t surprise Angelica’s family. The field fascinates them endlessly.

She loves treating her chronic pain and nausea with her bong and flower. Her other conditions include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety, depression, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, two herniated discs, and joint degeneration.



“You don’t look like someone who would work in that industry.”

Emily is our assistant manager and has worked in cannabis for over 5 years. Naturally, discussions and questions have changed throughout the life of her career. Others didn’t see it as a viable path for making a living.

Despite such assumptions, she helps her family with their ailments during the holidays.

So someone who works in the cannabis industry looks like a person who gives a damn about bettering the livelihood of others!

Emily prefers medicating with flower.


“How can you endorse a gateway drug and contribute to the youthful sin and indiscretions?”

Kevin is our director of creative marketing and also a Christian minister. He runs into the unique issue of faith-based concerns within the Black church plus his family.

There’s heavy skepticism behind the medicinal benefits of cannabis. And about his career in the industry. Others see his job as “temporary,” a phase until something “realistic” comes along. Still, Kevin is devoted to the power of the green.

He continues to slug through exhausting theological debates during family gatherings. And he addresses family conditions like glaucoma, chronic pain, dementia and cancer.


“How can a healthy, young woman like you get involved with that?”

Tracey is our executive vice president. She’s been in Colorado’s and now Maryland’s medical cannabis programs and careers for nearly a decade.

For family gatherings, it’s been a long, evolving relationship with a happy ending.

When she became a patient at age 18, Tracey’s parents feared she wouldn’t become a “productive member of society.” So, she went to college and secured a job to prove they had nothing to worry about. This allowed for easier cannabis conversations during family gatherings. And caused a ripple effect. Family members now seek her help with their malaise and see cannabis as the solution.

Her greatest source of outrage occurred in the doctor’s office some time ago. After a year of cannabis consumption, Tracey opened to her doctor about it. They had a good relationship after all. And her doctor helped her treat other health conditions.

Her former doctor responded with the question above. And then spewed out misinformation. For example, “smoking one joint was worse than smoking a whole pack of cigarettes”! This definitely caused a breach in trust… How can someone provide quality care with assumptions?

Tracey treats chronic pain and inflammation from an arm and shoulder injury. She also medicates to reduce anxiety and to get to bed. Her all-time favorite method is with a pipe and flower.


So, what’s YOUR story?

With these stories undertow, know your community may change their views on cannabis. It takes time. We know it can be exhausting and even saddening if you cut some off. Our stories are here to empower you to share your own and to help educate your family, friends and doctor!

Next year we’re publishing informative blog posts every other Friday. Let’s alter the course of misinformation.

Tell us your stories and give us a warm hello when you stop by. Thanks for reading and have a happy holiday!


Today’s post was written by Alaina Dorsey & The Peake ReLeaf Team. Alaina Dorsey is a cannabis copywriter and content strategist based in Baltimore, MD. Check her out on Twitter, IG, and on her website!

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