DIY Cannabis Research: Learn Beyond Leafly with Peake Releaf’s Cannabis Education Leads

Cannabis research for your or your loved ones qualifying conditions in Maryland sets the tone for the medicine you purchase. You need some idea of what could help… But where do you start your research?

Everybody knows Leafly is typically a solid go-to…but what happens when you want to know more?

Where do you go when you want to cross-check an article you stumble across and you feel in your deepest heart of heart that something is off about the facts?

You want to investigate more strains and terpenes for your specific medical condition. Or you want to keep up with cannabis news and studies. Or perhaps you went to an intro workshop and want to read more on your own.

Whatever you need, we’ll help get you started! Team Peake will provide tips from our personal vaults to bridge the gap.

(from L-R: Tracey, Lori, Kevin)

Cannabis research fundamentals with Lori

Lori, our manager on duty and patient adviser, will kick start our compilation of resources.

Lori is so thorough with her enthusiasm for research we entrust her with creating study guides for our staff! She admittedly starts with Leafly for her questions, but she then cross-references with other resources. She uses at least 3 sources when researching any topic.

As trustworthy as Leafly is, misinformation can occur.

When asking Lori about her resource list, she provided a strong collection of fundamental materials:


With these introductory sources, you create a solid foundation that allows you to research effectively.

When you get a chance, indulge in cannabis history by watching the listed documentaries. They can help you become familiar with frequently used terms.

Given the sound and visuals of video, you’ll also have a better sense of what to look for and how to pronounce terms.

Introductory articles posted above help reinforce what you learned from the docs.

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Cannabis education galore with Kevin

Kevin, our director of creative marketing, is quite extensive with staying informed about cannabis! His resources are great to expand from the fundamentals Lori provided.

So you’re looking for options to cross-reference articles.

Or you want to know more about how cannabis affects your condition or that of a loved one.

Or you’re an activist and want to keep up with what’s happening with legalization.

If you want to keep up with the latest news and changes, automating your knowledge makes things way easier. Put your email to work instead of reading through all the lame promotional emails you get!

Okay, maybe they’re not that lame. But, the ease to subscribe with providing personal info is always a comfort. Here’s Kevin’s extensive list of resources:


To set up alerts and/or the RSS feed, we have the breakdown below.

Cannabis bud lying in an open book

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Tracey and nerding out with scholarly cannabis education

It’s okay if you want to go Inception-level deep with your research. Everyone’s a nerd about something.

Our executive vice president Tracey holds a master’s degree in biological anthropology so she gets pretty scholarly with her resources. Like Lori and Kevin, she uses Leafly for preliminary research and uses Google Scholar to verify information and expand on subjects.

She mainly reads academic journals about topics. If you’re ready to nerd out on a subject that’s grabbed your interest, head over to pubmed for free articles.

You may not get in-depth about terpenes and specific cannabis-related subjects. But say you want to learn more about your qualifying condition or that of someone you care about.

That’s a prime opportunity to dig for studies to confirm your needs.

RSO syringe and cannabis leaf on computer keyboard
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Need help with setting up RSS and Google Alerts? We got you!

Let’s get you started with some quick, simple steps. These easy setups prove that automation is the future, but in case you forget, make sure to bookmark this.

RSS Setup

RSS IconRSS compiles all the up-to-date articles and blogs they update. The best part is that you don’t have to surrender your email if you don’t want to. And honestly, it’s simple to set up.

First, select an RSS feeder. There’s a Chrome extension and you can also use Outlook as a feeder. There are many other options to fit your day-to-day here.

Next up, hit the orange RSS icon to subscribe to our recommended sites, and that’s it! I promise, that’s it.

Click here for more details about what exactly an RSS feed is and additional methods for it.


Google Alerts Setup

As for setting up Google Alerts that’s straightforward as well! Especially if you have a Gmail account (and who doesn’t have one of those?).

Google Alerts IconHead to Google Alerts and similar to Kevin, throw in your cannabis topics you want to keep up with. Then create the new alert.

Also, be sure to check out “Options” button to get specific. You can select if you want to receive updates daily or weekly. You can even select regions of the world.

Click here for more info for Google Alerts.



Make your cannabis education versatile today.

At Peake Releaf, patient advocacy is the heart of everything we do. We’d love your help to continue building a strong, education Maryland Medical Cannabis community!

So how are you applying what you learned today? Do you have sites and research methods we may have missed?

Share this blog post and let us know your favorite resources.

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