Good Weed to Quality Meds: Legal Cannabis Safety in Maryland

Entering the legal cannabis market means having defined expectations of the quality of your medicine. From hunting on the legacy (illicit/black/negative terms) market for good weed to being able to review terpene profiles means that you expect the best for what you’re spending.

Patients over profits continues to be the mantra when facing corporate plant medicine. But what ultimately defines quality and safety for cannabis in Maryland?

We’ll explore that here with the help of our recent patient survey and these key points:

  • Strain Consistency & Flower Pricing
  • Acting against Vaping Dangers
  • Proper Cannabis Packaging
  • A Note on Pesticide Use
  • Brand Mission Transparency
  • Patient Thoughts On What Quality Legal Cannabis Means

Now let’s get into expectations and what the legal market could do better.

Effects of Cannabis Legalization: Strain Consistency & Flower Pricing

Legal cannabis creates some challenges with pricing and consistency in Maryland’s cannabis market.

The lack of consistent strains creates quality-of-life issues. Finding desired effects can be a difficult task for some patients. And it’s heart-wrenching to find a profile that finally helps… only for it to be cycled out or its profile has drastically changed.

And pricing can certainly be an issue, especially for patients with severe conditions that require higher doses. Not to mention that THC tolerance does climb, requiring stronger medicine and often times larger amounts. So we understand that this hurts your pockets after a while.

Remember that you’re investing into our market to eventually bring prices down. Though Peake Releaf can’t promise you $40 eighths and $200 ounces at this time, we guarantee that the pricing reflects our commitment to working with the best growers and keeping fresh cannabis for you to buy.

Qualities of Good Weed

When exploring the qualities of good cannabis, it’s essential to consider both the product’s characteristics and the ethics behind its cultivation. First and foremost, good weed should have a pleasant aroma, vibrant color, and the right moisture content – not too dry but not too sticky. These qualities often indicate well-cured cannabis that will burn smoothly and taste clean.

The way cannabis is grown is equally important in figuring out if it’s good weed. Ethical cultivation practices focus on sustainable farming methods that minimize environmental impact, such as using organic pest controls and reducing water usage. These practices not only support the ecosystem but also lead to a purer product free from harmful chemicals.

Another key factor in assessing the quality of cannabis is the Certificate of Analysis (COA). This document, which is provided by third-party labs, confirms that the cannabis meets safety standards for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants. It also provides an accurate profile of the cannabinoids and terpenes, which can help you choose a product that’s right for you. A COA is a mark of transparency and quality assurance, giving you confidence in the safety and potency of your purchase.

By prioritizing these qualities, you can guarantee that you will enjoy a premium product while supporting responsible and sustainable cannabis production.

Blocking Vaping Dangers with Testing

hand holding vape and another hand grabbing at that wrist

The risks of diving into the traditional market are quite clear when it comes to the 2019 Vaping Epidemic. It was an inescapable scare and momentary frustration for the cannabis industry.

Shining light on the public health risks of products on the legacy market, MMCC retested legal cartridges for vitamin E acetate. This decision provided an extra layer of comfort in light of the alarming reports. Especially since Maryland has one of the most robust and comprehensive testing requirements in the United States.

Our legal market isn’t solely about profits. Legalized medical cannabis, especially with recent tech for vapes leading the charge, may cost more but it reflects a commitment to keeping you safe when the legacy market doesn’t check all the boxes.

Proper Cannabis Packaging

Quality cannabis medicine requires effective packaging. Exposure to light, oxygen, skin and other elements can degrade your meds faster. Not to mention that dry buds can seem almost unavoidable with prepackaged meds since they’re not always airtight.

Two patients from our survey highlighted the need for freshness, and we understand the value of maintaining freshness, which is why we offer weigh-to-order style (or restaurant style, as we call it) to make sure you get the best quality.

The flip-side is that pop-top containers can lead to a frustrating experience of spilled flower in your pocket or bag. So make sure your packages are sealed with tape if you shop elsewhere to lower the chances of a spill.

closeup of plants being sprayed with pesticide

Once you’re home, your cannabis will thrive in sturdier containers that keep out air and light. Ask us about some options on your way in!

A Note on Pesticide Use

Since cannabis is a consumable product, you need to know if or what pesticides were used on your bud. The last thing you want is to inhale or eat harmful contaminants. So it’s important that you’re informed about pesticide use and that the pesticides are approved by the MMCC.

ForwardGro in 2018 may come to mind for many patients. But ultimately, the pesticides they used were prior to MMCC approval. So our market does care about what goes into your body. And growers and vertically-integrated companies are keen on keeping your medicine safe staying compliant thanks to strict enforcement.

This furthers the discussion on why business transparency is crucial.

Brand Mission Transparency

Maryland has a relatively young medical cannabis market, yet it is flooded with outside companies that are purchasing as many licenses as they can. We value transparency for the sake of patient trust.

So we may not stock certain growers/processors products if seems like they don’t prioritize patient needs. This may come at a cost of lower prices, but as patients ourselves, we greatly value medicine from our vendors who reflect that they value you more than crushing their competitors with a focus on cheap > well-bred strains.


Patient Thoughts On What Quality Legal Cannabis Means

Legal cannabis safety is a part of the heart of cannabis programs nationwide. And quality fuels Maryland’s industry: we’ve increased faster than other markets and we have a large array of products.

Ultimately, consumers like you shape what “quality” means. So we reached out to patients for insight on their thoughts on these key questions:

  • What is affordable, quality medical cannabis to you?
  • What’s your criteria for “quality”?
  • Are you finding relief with products you purchase regularly? Why or why not?
  • What’s preventing you from achieving your desired results with your purchased products?
  • Other than THC%, what matters most in helping you achieve optimal therapeutic results with medical cannabis?


After reading everything, tell us what these questions mean to you, especially if you think differently from our participants. Check out the presentation below for a quick look at what needs are being met and how Maryland cannabis could change for the better.


Their input was valuable in pointing out the criteria for this blog post. They all addressed frequent concerns and desires for Maryland’s cannabis industry.



We all want the utmost dazzling, perfect medical cannabis industry yesterday, and we can work towards your vision by shaping the great progress we’ve made so far in Maryland’s cannabis market in such a small time frame.

Whether it’s issues with consistency, pricing, vape safety, proper packaging, pesticides or business transparency, make sure you’re being heard in your needs.

What are your standards for quality legal cannabis in Maryland?

And do you feel like there’s anything we missed?

Share this blog post with your thoughts and let us know what you think by contacting us directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email!

Alaina Dorsey is a freelance cannabis content marketing writer and strategist based in Baltimore, MD. For dispensaries and online cannabis businesses, she writes the chilliest customer-focused content that educates and engages. Quirks available upon request at

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