#ReLeafIsComing, Part One

Over the past few weeks we have shared various definitions of relief on our social media, as seen below:

#ReLeafIsComing - Instagram #1

We believe that part of our mission is to embrace these different facets and definitions as a part of our approach to patient care.

Relief, for us, means:

  • we know that you want to be engaged in every step of the decision-making process for your care, and that will lead to healthier outcomes and your continued trust in us, helping to address your questions regarding the use of medical cannabis for your condition,
  • we focus on high quality products, and education on the therapeutic effects of medical cannabis,
  • we center on direct patient engagement with our clinical director so that our patients can get the best relief from their pain,
  • we believe in making educational resources available for people that may otherwise have difficulty getting them.


Our name is bigger than a play on words, it is a complete and holistic approach to how we want our patients to feel, as a result of allowing us to be a part of their wellness plans. It isn’t a responsibility we take lightly.

#ReLeafIsComing - Instagram #3

What else does relief mean? It can mean ‘the state of being clearly visible’ – like a piece of sculpture in relief, which is related to our policy of transparency.

In the artistic sense relief can mean a method of molding in which the design stands out from the surface. Part of our mission is to stand out amongst our peers within the industry, and within the Rockville community we want to be seen clearly and transparently – giving you more than a surface level welcome when you walk through our doors.

We also want to make ourselves available to the community and grow with the community, as opposed to just existing within it. We believe good community outreach can help influence positive health outcomes, and when we say that “ReLeaf Is Coming” we are preparing to show that relationship, by:

  • showcasing and spreading appropriate health education in regards to medical cannabis,
  • providing medical counseling and direction through our clinical director,
  • working as advocates for the industry, and alongside those who labor tirelessly for patients’ rights,
  • helping patients find additional appropriate services and organizations that can help them with their health needs,
  • and facilitating community empowerment through engaging events that also serve to help community members identify their health issues and needs


We will continue to share our journey as we build within the Rockville community and work toward our grand opening. You’ll see the steps we take with everything from our signage, to our interior design, to how we engage those that provide us with products, and much more.

Relief means many things, but it is coming, and we are proud of our role in that and our ability to share our journey with our community.

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