How to Buy Medical Cannabis: Does High THC = More Benefits? Probably Not.

Buying the highest THC medical cannabis is a bit of a craze in Maryland’s market. Growers unleashed a new round of them and–other than doubts floating among influencers about potency–it brings up if there’s even a need for a 30 and over club.

Cannabis affects everyone differently. There is no one-size fits all for treatment.

This isn’t a case to shun the existence of it. Rather, patients need to understand that more THC doesn’t necessarily mean the medicinal effects will be enhanced. Here, you’ll learn what it can mean.


Measuring the “high” in high THC cannabis

Down in Florida their Congress recently made moves to cap THC content in medical cannabis. Republican representative Ray Rodriguez cited a recent study by the Lancet Psychiatry medical journal about daily consumption high potency bud. It was linked to psychosis in their study.


High potency is anything with over 10% THC.

That may surprise some of you. It certainly surprised me. With that in mind, anything over 30% could be considered “ultra potency.” So let’s stick with that lingo.

The slippery slope that may arise from the introduction of ultra potent cannabis is the assumption that more = better. But remember this: THC is psychoactive. So you’re increasing your high but might not necessarily improve the medicinal benefits.

Especially since strains with higher amounts of THC tend to be lacking in broad terpene profiles and other cannabinoids. And less tends to be more when it comes to enhanced medicinal effects with THC.

Sure, there may be patients who are chasing a stronger high. But that seems like it’s time for a tolerance break, which you’ll learn about further below.


Deciding to buy high THC medical cannabis

If you’re an absolute beginner, you should steer clear of ultra potent strains. It’s pushing it to even encourage you to start with high potency ones. The rest comes down to your experience, your tolerance, desired effects, condition and circumstances.

Again, there is no single answer for this. We’re as diverse as the cannabis we’re consuming.

If you suffer from chronic conditions or cancer, high potency strains may be the right move. Or if you feel that your relief is diminished for whichever ailment you’re treating, consider terpene profiles first before ramping up on THC.

It’s up to you to decide if you should consume high potency strains. And of course, you should work with your provider to work out a treatment plan if you do explore this option.

Also, get informed on the profile of the high and ultra potency strains you may purchase. Weigh the differences in cannabinoids and terpenes in strains you typically keep in your stash. You may get an idea of the effects based on similarities.

Because everyone is different, we encourage you to notate your experiences and dosages.


Balancing a high tolerance with the highest THC

If you’re eyeing ultra potency strains due to a high tolerance, why not take a break?

This can be especially difficult for those with chronic conditions that inhibit comfort. You could lean on medical cannabis to get you through the work day or to be more active in your home and life.

Before diving right into ultra potency, here are some tips on how to take a tolerance break, or t-break, without disrupting your life.

For one, cannabidiol, or CBD, is great for handling your tolerance break. And if you encounter unwanted side effects while exploring your ultra potency strain. Aside from taking a tolerance break, there are some potential hazards to keep in mind.

A debatable topic is cannabis dependency. If you find the rest of your life is suffering for medicating, it may be a sign to take a step back and reevaluate usage.

And another topic, low dopamine and an overworked endocannabinoid system (ECS) may lead to feelings of needing higher THC. Too much THC can wear and tear the ECS, so you may experience burnout.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter tied to motivation and pleasure. So if you’re feeling burned out and hitting the ceiling of your tolerance, take a step back.


How to avoid negative effects while exploring

You learned above of some ways to have a safe experience if you pursue ultra potent strains. Again, notate your experiences as best as you can.

Take note of your delivery method and how much cannabis you’re consuming. This can include temperature of your vaporizer, length of time inhaling, and so many other intricacies.

If you’re familiar with terpene profiles that may induce unwanted effects like sleepiness or paranoia, be on the lookout before you buy.

Or at least keep a CBD-rich strain like ACDC or GS CBD ready to balance it out. Don’t hesitate to mix your strains—you don’t have to wait until the nasty stuff kicks in to prep your CBD joint.

And make sure you’re trying your ultra potent strains in a comfortable setting and around people you’re comfortable with. Anything else could be overwhelming and induce negative effects


Medicate carefully

If you want to dive into the world of ultra potent strains, please do so with caution. Know that more THC does not automatically mean a boost in medicinal effects.

You are as different as the cannabinoid combinations in all of these strains. So take your time with exploring your options and take note of your journey.


Share this blog post and let us know if you’re an ultra potent THC lover, how it helps and what your favorite ultra potent strains are!

Alaina Dorsey is a freelance cannabis content marketing writer and strategist based in Baltimore, MD. For dispensaries and online cannabis businesses, she writes the chilliest customer-focused content that educates and engages. Quirks available upon request at

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