Boost your mental health by taking a hike with your favorite MoCo cannabis dispensary!

It’s Mental Health Awareness month, so we’re combining hiking and cannabis to help regulate your mood and bolster your well-being.

The two overlap and fall over each other in how well they can better our minds. And you know we want you to live your best life.

Make it a self-care Sunday kind of day and join us!

All are welcome on our hike!

This upcoming Sunday, Team Peake is linking up with patients like you (and non-patients) to head into the woods!

Since cannabis is still very much illegal federally, you can’t consume while on the hike, but we’ll offer some suggestions to prepare you for the adventure.

Meet us at Peake Releaf at 1PM and then we’ll walk to the trail together. Anticipate a good 60-90 minutes or so of directed meandering.

Now here’s why you should join us.

Cannabis can help with your mental health

Cannabis can be a remarkable wellness tool for building and maintaining mental health. In that regard, mental health isn’t just about mental illness. It’s just as important as your physical health and is an integral part of your well-being.

It can help ground you more in the present moment. And it can enhance positive experiences like viewing nature, walking/exercising, or enjoying a cool bottle of water.

For mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and PTSD, studies show that cannabis is quite helpful. Just be sure to develop a balanced management plan to prevent THC tolerance-building and possible uncomfortable side effects.

Hiking is great for improving your mental well-being

Hiking is a great way to connect with nature and take a break from our demanding lives. Particularly in this study, Stanford researchers found a possible correlation between city dwelling and a rise in depression.

And they also found that getting back to nature was especially helpful for cutting back overthinking and self-directed negative thinking.

Of course, walking is apart of hiking. And exercise is linked to improvement from mental illness, or at least to help mitigate the harmful symptoms.

Combining hiking and cannabis can create a phenomenal experience

So cannabis can help with your mental health. And so does hiking. Now imagine what you may experience when you combine them.

Hiking is exercise after all. And this study shows how cannabis can improve exercise performance. It can help take away the discomfort—or at least help you focus on how picturesque nature can truly be in minutia.

Make your time with us an opportunity to unplug from the ongoing Matrix that can be our lives at times.

Preparing for your cannabis hike with us

So sad face: cannabis consumption isn’t allowed at the dispensary or while we’re on the trail together. Concentrates, edibles, tinctures or similar products can work—just be sure of how you time your dosage and how much you consume.

Don’t over do it! Especially if you’re sensitive to being in unfamiliar spaces with new faces.

For broadening your hiking experience, we recommend these flower strains:


We’ll have a 20% off Curaleaf carts and pens special only on Sunday. And if you’re seeking highly concentrated products to medicate with before the hike, we recommend Feel Collection capsules or Evermore’s 1.5:1 CBD:THC tincture.

As for additional preparation, be sure to bring plenty of water and some protein-rich snacks like nuts, granola or a sandwich. Don’t forget sunscreen in case it gets extra crispy.

Please be sure to keep a bag on you so for any waste from your food and drink.

Come hike with your favorite cannabis dispensary–and maybe win some swag

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 1PM for our hike. You don’t want to miss out on such a restorative experience–and there’s a raffle for a swag bag! It’ll include goods from GTI and us and will include a 20% off coupon. The raffle winner will need to be a registered patient in the state of Maryland!

If you’re not able to make it, we plan to hit the trail monthly. At least until the weather stops us. Let us know your favorite trails in Montgomery County and we’ll see you there!

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