Get out of the heat and into Peake Releaf with MD CannaCrawl

Peake Releaf loves the Maryland patient community, especially members who travel from afar to experience our shop.

You may be looking to change things up as a medical cannabis patient. You hunger for community and you’re a little tired of your limited selection of dispensaries.

So learn why you ought to grab a ticket and hop on a CannaCrawl bus! Because who doesn’t want to escape this blistering heat, save gas and brighten your spirits.


What is MD CannaCrawl?

MD CannaCrawl is an Ellicott City-based company that seeks to connect patients with one another and dispensaries. We’re partnered with them and have worked with them in the past. Who doesn’t love recurring team-ups?

Essentially, you’ll meet with other patients at a designated location and ride a bus to three dispensaries within a specific region. In our case, this upcoming CannaCrawl covers Western Maryland—they have catching up to do regarding numbers of dispensaries.

So, this event gives patients the opportunity to explore multiple dispensaries that promise delicious snacks and unforgettable deals. They’ve also hosted cannabis holiday bus rides for 420 and 710 respectively.

And if you’re lacking in friends who have their medical card, you’ll get the chance to connect with other patients in our community.


Why You Should Come

There are two key points to joining this fantastic voyage:

  • Create connections within the Maryland cannabis patient community
  • Check out dispensaries you otherwise wouldn’t have time to visit


With the affordable price and the benefits of exploration and scoring deals, you should get tickets when you can! Busses aren’t infinite in seating.

So if you have the time and live near the departure point, grab a ticket for future events as they become available.


Build Community

Despite ongoing legalization and a 66% approval rating, cannabis still has quite the stigma. And you are sure to experience this stigma as a patient in major ways.

  • Your family and peers may be uncomfortable with your usage.
  • You may have to stay discreet about usage because of your job.
  • Your doctor, therapist or other authoritative medical professional may be resistant to this alternative method.


So CannaCrawl gives you the opportunity to be among other patients who you can freely share your struggles or your questions with.

You won’t have to worry about being condemned for your exploration. And while swapping experiences, you may find those with similar conditions who can share effective products.


Experience New Dispensaries

There are hundreds of different products on the market. So the stock at dispensaries can greatly vary, along with the culture and operations. Namely for operations, some dispensaries only sell pre-packaged flower while others (like us!) offer deli style.

Specifically at Peake Releaf, we offer a large selection of concentrates along with our flower. And if you’re looking to smoke with bongs or pipes, we have a beautiful glass collection to make medicating all the more wonderful.

We have plans to spoil you along with the two other dispensaries that you’ll be visiting! Don’t forget to grab snacks from us while you’re reveling in our exclusive deals for you and the MD CannaCrawl crew.


So Next Time – Grab a Ticket and Go!

Tickets may be sold out this round, but keep an eye out for MD CannaCrawl’s next round of trips. Don’t miss out on stellar cannabis to add to your medication stash—and the opportunity to connect with our community.

Come Back Again

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