Cannabis Education

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Adult Use 103

Rules & Regulations in Maryland: Understand the laws around sharing cannabis, consequences of oversteps, and the advantages of medical patient status. Know the differences in allotments & products.

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Adult Use 102

Home Cannabis Cultivation in Maryland: Learn to responsibly grow cannabis at home. Understand key guidelines, regulations, and specific Maryland Code details to cultivate legally and safely.

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Adult Use 101

Navigate Maryland’s Cannabis Era: Learn about the new legalized cannabis rules for adults 21+. Understand possession limits, legal consequences, and key regulations to enjoy responsibly.

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Cannabis 103

Explore Cannabis Chemistry: Dive into cannabinoids & other compounds, and understand different ways to administer medical cannabis.

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Cannabis 102

Legal Guide for MD: Understand Maryland’s laws for patients & caregivers, the application steps, and obtaining medical cannabis from Peake ReLeaf.

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Cannabis 101

Intro to Cannabis: Learn the basics of the cannabis plant, its special traits, medical uses, and the research supporting its benefits.

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