Standing out as a Rockville Dispensary by Getting Involved with Equipment Connections for Children

Montgomery County has one of the most bustling cannabis markets in Maryland. And as a leading Rockville dispensary, we want to do more than make money.

We always strive to support our community. Which includes the disadvantaged children with disabilities whose families lean on the organization Equipment Connections for Children when all their options have failed.

Here’s how their needs overlap with cannabis and how we all can help each other.


Who is Equipment Connections for Children

Equipment Connections for Children is a Montgomery County-based not-for-profit organization that fills in accessibility gaps for disabled children. Founded by Claire Wong, she sought to break the wheel of un-affordability, excessively long waits, and insurance rejections that can cause developmental delays.

These delays occur when children outgrow their equipment but don’t have the proper replacements. Access to adaptive equipment also helps to prevent negative health outcomes for them and helps them become independent.

Equipment Connections for Children shares a similar mission with cannabis. Both aim to fill the gaps of an ineffective health care system while potentially increasing quality of life.


Our events with them

We are a sponsor for Equipment Connections for Children and work directly with them to boost their impact and get more help for children with disabilities.

Team Peake isn’t only a patient-first dispensary: we’re community-oriented since we’re an independent, local company.

Alternative Healing Workshop with ECFC & Peake ReLeaf

We team up directly with the organization for events such as the Alternative Healing Workshop and a Mini Golf tournament. The workshop is an event we host that focuses on a specific method for improving quality of life.

Mini golf was Saturday, June 15 and was a family-friendly affair. Equipment Connections for Children members, along with our team and all of our children joined together for a fun event to raise money and support for their cause.

Of course, these events are also open to patients and non-patients!


Get involved

If your family and/or peers need Equipment Connections for Children’s services or you want to commit time or money to a cause, we got your back.

Again, we sponsor and host events at our dispensary for their organization. We also display when we team up on our social media and in our newsletter, so we’d love to see you at the next event!

You can also donate directly to them. Adaptive equipment for disabled children is definitely a must for them, so head here to donate equipment you or your peers may have. They also take monetary donations.

If you love to volunteer, they’re also open to help in that area. Check out the details here.


Help and get a bonus when you visit us

Being the best Rockville dispensary isn’t about money. We’re committed to community growth and support in Montgomery County.

We appreciate support from people like you, so when you donate to Equipment Connections for Children, you’ll get 15% off your total purchase here at Peake ReLeaf. Just bring in proof and save some money on us!

Great Big Mini-Golf Classic

Come Back Again

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