Peake Releaf Women: Honoring Women’s History Month with Our Cannabis Industry Experiences

There are a world of history makers in cannabis. A lot of them women. This industry has its “grass ceiling” problems. But it’s also full of liberating opportunities.

As a send off for Women’s History Month, Peake Releaf is celebrating our female team members and highlighting their stories.

Here’s a look into the lives of women doing their thing and doing it well at Peake and Maryland’s cannabis industry!


Mariah, Patient Advisor

The cannabis industry offers a lot to women, especially in Maryland. And some like our patient adviser Mariah would go so far as to say it embodies liberation.

Also a Maryland Medical Cannabis patient, Mariah feels she’s apart of a major revolutionary moment. Because there’s endless learning opportunities! That can include topics such as the latest benefits of various terpenes and new delivery methods.

Overall, Mariah gets to merge her work-life by applying what she learns in her personal life as a patient. Which then allows her to provide well-informed consulting as an adviser when you visit Peake Releaf!




The liberating aspects don’t eclipse the problems for women in the cannabis industry. Our assistant manager Emily faced the grass ceiling in the early years of her career with a different company.

In 2012, she and her male roommate applied for the same position. They shared an interest in growing but lacked experience—a level playing field. And both were interviewed by the same woman.

Emily, Assistant Manager

They were both hired. But her roommate got the “manlier” position in grow. Emily ended up with a “lady-like” job in reception.

This turning points reflects the results of this—she was given a position, while he was gifted a career.

By 2016, her former roommate was Director of Cultivation at one of the biggest publicly-owned cannacompanies. In contrast, her upward mobility hit the ceiling at her position as Lead of Regulated Distribution.

Though sad, this experience positively shaped our work culture here at Peake Releaf.

Emily is a member of the hiring team, and she makes sure all staff are cross-trained on all positions. Because screw job stereotypes!

Cannabis is all about breaking the mold after all. That should include issues surrounding gender and marginalized identities.



Maryland’s cannabis industry is fresh and offers an array of business opportunities for non-plant touching folk. Folk like Alaina Dorsey, Peake Releaf’s writing help with the blog! (Yes, it’s weird writing in third person—is this humble or not?)

Alaina, CannaWriter Extraordinaire

A Baltimore-based freelance content marketing writer, she’s also a patient and loves the wild west feel of the cannabis industry. It has a lot to catch up with for those who don’t identify as cisgender White men.

Still, it’s great for a brave Black woman who prioritizes freedom and wellness.


The Peake ReLeaf Team

Women’s History Month is about every woman forging ahead against limiting norms. And we respect every single woman at Peake Releaf and what they provide for the cannabis industry.

Here’s a shout out to all the amazing women on our team!

  • Audrey – Patient Adviser
  • Jakara – Patient Adviser
  • Juliana – Patient Adviser
  • Lori – Shift Lead
  • Marcy – Patient Adviser
  • Suzanne – Chief Financial Officer
  • Tracey – Executive Vice President


Make sure to say hello when you stop by.


Send-Send Off

We ended Women’s History Month with a celebratory bang of Maryland’s cannabis industry history makers.

Just don’t forget about us the rest of the year!

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