Start your New Year’s Cannabis Resolutions with our Winter BOWLSTICE!

It’s New Year’s (cannabis) resolution time! Though Winter Solstice is behind us, we wanted to carry the spirit with our Winter Bowlstice exploration. If you frequent our dispensary, you may be familiar with our display case of glass bowls, bongs, and more.

We understand it can take a lot of time to select your medicine. And that may take away from picking up a new way to medicate. So let’s start the year fresh by taking in the bowlstice spirit. We’ll explore it as an alternative for smoking cannabis. And then we’ll dive into the different types of bowls so you can weigh your options.

If you’re looking to change up your cannabis routine or you’re a new patient and want more information before committing to a purchase, this is the best read to kickstart your way into the new year.


Not just smoking weed: bowls as healthier alternative

Bringing in the New Year often feels like a huge pressure to change. All the gym memberships. Less doughnuts and fast food trips. Promises to never talk to that one ex you kept calling back for the past 5 years.

Cannabis offers easier transitions. Especially if you’re looking to improve the way you consume your medicine. Joints and blunts definitely feel good. But if you feel like you have a death rattle in your cough from smoking so much, our Winter Bowlstice is our answer for you.

And this doesn’t stop with experienced patients. If you’re a new Maryland medical cannabis patient or you’re addicted to novelty (Alaina’s, our writer, vice), you’re invited to check out our wintry display.

Bowls are a type of smoking pipe that come in glass, silicone, wood and metal. Other smoking paraphernalia includes bongs, bubblers, chillums and there’s also dag rigs. We have an extensive array of pipes and tools always on display in our dispensary.

Here’s a glimpse at what we got for you—and how it’s healthier.


Types of smoking pipes

So how do you win by choosing to grab one of our beautifully crafted bowls? Save time on rolling and cut back on the carcinogens! You don’t need to grind your meds when it comes to pipes. Just add small nugs to the piece and light up (with hemp wick, ideally).

It’s still possible to inhale ash if you don’t clean the bowl regularly. So if you value wellness, aim to clean your bowl after each use. Or at least on a weekly basis. You will still be inhaling plant matter, but if you want a cleaner inhale while you enjoy the smoking sensation, give glass a try.

There are different types of glass beyond bowls that offer their own benefits.

A chillum, or one-hitter, does what the name says. You get one or so small hits by packing this conical piece. It’s discreet and simple to use. Once you’re finished, blow out the ashes and remnants.

A bong is a type of water pipe that’s iconic for cannabis consumers. They take away the harsh heat from smoke, along with some of the carcinogens and tar that accompany smoking thanks to water filtration.

A bubbler is a hybrid between a bowl and bong in its shape and water filtration. If you like portability or want to lounge with the benefits of a bong, this is a comfortable choice.


Smoking pipe materials make the experience

There’s different types of material used for making bowls, bongs and the like. It’s not all restricted to glass! We got silicone and wood as well. Each offers their benefits and drawbacks when it comes to quality, durability, cleaning, convenience and potential spiritual fulfillment.

Record scratch there. Spiritual fulfillment?? Hell yeah if you like chakras, energies, stones and all that cool alignment, good vibes stuff. Like look at them. They got gemstones that dazzle. And if you medicate before you meditate, they’re just great to have for when you need something to anchor your intentions.

Assorted cannabis pipes and bongs

Beyond the New Age woo-woo I’m spouting over the shininess of these bowls that belong in your med tool stash, here’s the other fun stuff to keep in mind with different pipe materials.


Glass Bowls

Let’s start with classic glass (which is what the magical bowls are also made of). Here’s what to expect for:

  • Durability: it’s glass, so don’t be rough with it. It may survive a few tumbles onto a carpet. Just be conscious of where you’re placing it.
  • Cleaning: gunk can build up pretty fast, but it’s simple to clean with 90% alcohol and any type of coarse salt like Pink Himalayan, Kosher or sea salt.
  • Convenience: typically available at most dispensaries and head shops, so they’re easy to find. Aside from glass having a taste for breaking, these bowls come in a variety of sizes, so it’s portable—with care.


Wood Bowls

If you want to feel more “mature”, more Sherlock Holmes-like, or whatever niche interests inspires fine-crafted wood in your palm, grab one of our wood bowls. Here’s what to expect for:

  • Durability: have you ever punched a tree before? Just don’t go setting it on fire.
  • Cleaning: it’s the hardest of the bunch to keep clean. It requires some hard brushing. Resin does accumulate and the strong smell of gunk becomes inevitable.
  • Convenience: if style is a part of your idea of convenience, grab you a suave wood bowl. They have character and are good to show off. Portability comes down to size.


Silicone Bowls

Have you had too many run-ins with broken glass? Do they slip too easily from your grip because of your medical condition? Do you medicate on the go, like bowls but need durability? Silicone is where it’s at then! Here’s what to expect for:

  • Durability: throw it at a wall and find out. This baby can handle impact.
  • Cleaning: if you’re like me and want to put off cleaning as long as possible, this is the best option. Otherwise, clean with alcohol or do a few thorough rinses with dish soap and warm water. Especially if there’s residual funk.
  • Convenience: they may match glass in availability and size options. This is the best option for portability and discreteness since it bends!


Shape your New Year resolutions…with cannabis!

So what are your resolutions for cannabis? Yes! Your resolutions can include things that don’t make you feel like you’re suffering!

What does that mean for bowls? Sometimes, it’s the small changes that we make that can have the greatest impression on our betterment. So whether you want a durable, portable tool for consumption because you’re a patient constantly on the go. Or you want to align your chakras with something new. Grab a bowl!

And if you already have tons of bowls, what are they made of? If they’re all glass, give silicone and wood a try. Bring in a wave of freshness to align with your really big resolutions!

Display of glass pipes and bongs


The Outro

We’re fresh into the new year and we hope when you come to Peake Releaf, you save time to select a new bowl for the new you. Bowls, bongs and dab rigs galore are great alternatives if you want a break from blunts and papers.

For our special Winter Bowlstice, try out a new element of bowl, whether it’s glass, silicone or wood. Pick whichever aligns with your medicating mood. Especially as a boost to your wonderful intentions for the new year.

It’s a new decade and a new you, so come in for a new bowl, bong or dab rig to rep your renewed vibe.

Alaina Dorsey is a freelance cannabis content marketing writer and strategist based in Baltimore, MD. For dispensaries and online cannabis businesses, she writes the chilliest customer-focused content that educates and engages. Quirks available upon request at

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