Combat Your Inner Horror Movie With These 2 Halloween Cannabis Strains

Classic horror movies go great with Halloween like dairy-free whipped cream on a vegan sundae. And cannabis adds to it like drizzling GMO-free chocolate on top. If you’re looking for premium medicine this spooky season, check out our breakdowns. And you’ll grab a good deal with these two cultivars (commonly known as strains).

We’re featuring Curio’s own Blue Dream CBD and Northern Lights. And on top of our quippy paired descriptions with movies thanks to our Director of Creative Marketing Kevin, we’ll cover the dominant cannabinoids and terpenes and how they may help with your qualifying condition.


Breakdowns of our horror-inspired cannabis strains

Maryland offers lab results beyond THC and CBD, which isn’t common in legal cannabis states in 2019. With sativa and indica meaning a little less these days, understanding the medicinal effects of terpenes may give you a better idea of what to expect when you’re exploring for desired effects.

And other than exploring the top 3 dominant terpenes for each of the 2 cultivars, we’ll also cover the cannabinoids—other than just THC and CBD! We’ll cover others like CBG, CBGa, THCa, and CBDa.

Image of Freddy Kreuger's Glove
“A popular therapeutic strain providing the clear-headed focused feeling you may need to accomplish your goals for the day – or strategize how to elude Freddy’s clawed gauntlet in your night terrors. Blue Dream CBD is the perfect day starter after you wake up in a frenzy, barely making it out of the nightmarish realm of our favorite 90s horror icon.” | Photo from Captain Toy

Nightmare on Elm Street vs Blue Dream CBD

Your qualifying condition can feel like its very own Freddy. Yank that sucker out of the dream world and subject it to the warming, loving reality of helpful cannabinoids and terpenes found in Blue Dream CBD.

CBDa: anti-inflammatory agent, powerful anti convulsive, raw cannabidiol: converts to CBD when cannabis is exposed to heat or sunlight

Myrcene: found in hops, lemongrass, mangoes; aroma is peppery, spicy, balsam; tends to be most dominant terpene in flower; may help as sleep aid, sedative, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, pain relief

Trans-nerolidol: found in lemongrass, citronella, ginger, jasmine, tea tree oil; aroma is woody or fruity (resembles apple, citrus or rose); possible health benefits include anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, sedative

Alpha-pinene: found in rosemary, pine trees; aroma is piney; may help as anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory; also could help with short-term memory loss caused by THC

Show your personal Freddy that you mean business and wipe him out with Curio’s Blue Dream CBD.


30 Days of Night vs Northern Lights

30 Days of Night is probably what your life felt like before cannabis. Your condition feels like a horrifying bloodsucker… until you weaponize your body with these key cannabinoids and terpenes found in Northern Lights.

“This pungent strain provides a pleasant euphoria with psychoactive effects that relax the muscles. But don’t get too relaxed as it may be your last shred of hope before you endure 30 Days of Night. While both the Northern Lights strain and that great take on vampire mythos take place in Alaska, only one will provide relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.” | Photo from Nightmare on Film Street

CBGa: cannabigerol, the mother of THC, CBD and many other cannabinoids; lost when exposed to heat and more prevalent in hemp; possibly provides relief for inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, neuroinflammation and metabolic disorders

Myrcene is clearly dominant, but you already know about that one from above!

Limonene: found in lemon rind, orange rind and juniper; aroma is lemon, citrus or fruity; may help with stress relief, elevating your mood, relieving heartburn and gastric reflux; may improve absorption of other terpenes

Ocimene: found in mint, parsley, orchids; aroma is citrusy and woody; possible benefits include anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, and may treat symptoms of diabetes

I bet it feels great to survive and thrive after a new dawn. Expect these to incinerate your inner vampires.


Have a Happy cannabis-filled Halloween!

We hope you were able to grab these cultivars to enjoy your Halloween night! If not, they’ll be waiting for you when you come back.

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And check out the testing results from the strains we discussed in this blog post below!

Testing results for Blue Dream CBD (Left) and Northern Lights (Right)
Testing results for Blue Dream CBD (Left) and Northern Lights (Right)

Alaina Dorsey is a freelance cannabis content marketing writer and strategist based in Baltimore, MD. For dispensaries and online cannabis businesses, she writes the chilliest customer-focused content that educates and engages. Quirks available upon request at

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