Celebrating Six Years of Green Growth: Peake ReLeaf Marks a Milestone in Maryland Cannabis

From Campfire Dreams to Cannabis Pioneers: Peake ReLeaf Reflects on Six Years of Innovation, Community, and Award-Winning Service

ROCKVILLE, MD – As Peake ReLeaf celebrates its sixth anniversary this year, we reflect on a journey that began with a simple campfire conversation among three lifelong friends and has grown into an award-winning leader in Maryland’s cannabis industry. Founded on the pillars of community, innovation, and trust, Peake ReLeaf has not only expanded its operations but has also profoundly impacted the lives of countless Maryland residents through high-quality medical and adult-use cannabis products.

Highlighting Ownership and Commitment to Social Equity

Peake ReLeaf proudly stands as a beacon of progress in the industry, being part female and minority-owned. Our commitment extends beyond our products; we champion social equity through active participation in initiatives and partnerships with organizations dedicated to justice and inclusivity in cannabis. Collaborations with The Last Prisoner Project, Minority Cannabis Business Association, Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Maryland NORML, project DREAM, The Cannabis Patient Advocacy Association (Holistic Analytics), Project Clean Slate, and more underscore our dedication to uplifting underrepresented communities and reforming cannabis laws.

Product Features and Highlights

  • Award-Winning Service: Voted #1 Dispensary in Southern Montgomery County at the 2023 Maryland Cannabis Awards, Peake ReLeaf stands as a testament to excellent customer service and community engagement.
  • Innovative Growth: 2024 marked the opening of our new adult use sales floor, showcasing our commitment to evolving with our community’s needs and expanding access to premier cannabis products.
  • Educational Leadership: Featured in major publications such as Bethesda Magazine and The Washington Post, our founders have been recognized for their pioneering spirit and contributions to cannabis education and policy discussions.
  • Community Roots: Born from the vision of Maryland natives, our growth is intertwined with local values and the collective efforts of a diverse and passionate team dedicated to quality and transparency.
  • Future Expansion: Looking forward, Peake ReLeaf is exploring opportunities for expansion to bring our trusted, top-notch service and product lineup to a broader audience.


“Reflecting on the past six years, I am profoundly moved by the journey Peake ReLeaf has embarked upon, from a dream forged by friends to becoming a cornerstone of our community. This anniversary isn’t just a celebration of our growth or the milestones we’ve achieved; it’s a celebration of our roots and the trust bestowed upon us by every customer who walks through our doors. As we look ahead, our commitment to innovation, excellence, and community wellness remains steadfast. Here’s to many more years of growth, discovery, and serving the people of Maryland with the best the cannabis industry has to offer.” – Warren Lemley, President, Peake ReLeaf


About Peake ReLeaf:

Peake ReLeaf is more than just a dispensary. It’s a place where passion for cannabis and community wellness come together, driven by a founding team of Maryland natives who have turned their vision into a beacon for quality and service in the cannabis industry. Celebrating six years of growth, Peake ReLeaf continues to set benchmarks for excellence as we deepen our community connections.


For further information, please contact:

Kevin Johnson, Director of Creative Marketing

Peake ReLeaf

Email: kevin@peakereleaf.com

Website: www.peakereleaf.com

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