Get HIGH Savings This 4/20 At Peake ReLeaf

two female tourists shopping for marijuana at legal cannabis shop in pattaya thailand

It’s the most wonderful high of the year – 4/20!   This day is a celebration, which is exactly why we’re marking the occasion with our highest savings, ever! In this blog, we’ll re-introduce ourselves, talk about why 4/20 is so important, and, best of all, fill you in on how you can get more […]

Maryland Cannabis Home Grow Regulations & Essentials

person holding plant

With the evolving landscape of cannabis legalization, Maryland has opened its doors to the personal cultivation of this precious plant, allowing people like you and me to grow our own stash legally within the comfort of our own homes. In this blog, we’ll dig into Maryland’s cannabis home grow regulations and essentials to get your […]

Learning More About How Cannabis Topicals Work

CBD : THC Pain Relief Cream In Labeled Glass Jar (120mg)

Greetings, Peakestronauts, and welcome back to our blog series! Cannabis topicals, ranging from soothing creams to therapeutic balms, are becoming a staple in the wellness and self-care industries. But what sets them apart from other forms of cannabis products? Unlike their ingestible counterparts, topicals are designed for external application, offering a localized effect that many […]

‘Tis the Season to Dream: How Cannabis Edibles Can Enhance Your Winter Nights

city street Christmas winter blurred background. Xmas tree with snow decorated with garland lights, holiday festive background. Widescreen backdrop. New year Winter. generative ai

Dear Peake ReLeaf community, it’s that magical time of year again! Maryland winter wraps us in its mesmerizing spell, blessing us with crisp air, cozy sweatshirts and early evening lights. To deepen your wintery experience even further, we’re here to talk about the role cannabis edibles can play in enhancing your enchanted winter nights. A […]

Cannabis & Your Body – Cannabinoid Receptors

brain and cannabis, created by a neural network

At Peake ReLeaf, we are committed to promoting cannabis education and helping our community navigate the exciting world of cannabis. Understanding the science behind the amazing interactions that occur between cannabis and the human body can greatly enhance your experience and appreciation of this remarkable plant. In this blog, we’re diving deep into the fascinating […]

The Importance of Cannabis Social Equity

cut out faces of varying color shades

Greetings, Peakestronauts! At Peake ReLeaf, we firmly believe in the shared journey of change that brings us together as a community. Today we are exploring the importance of cannabis social equity. In this blog, we aim to shed light on how social equity intertwines with the burgeoning cannabis sector, the existing initiatives that strive for […]

Helping Maryland Explore The Cannabis Frontier

CBD oil in laboratory glassware, Petri dishes. Capsules, THC tincture, CBD oil and hemp leaves, light background Medical cannabidiol concept Flat lay, copy space, minimalism

At Peake ReLeaf, we’re not just about selling products; we dedicate ourselves to educate and empower our customers, enhancing their cannabis experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, join us as we unlock the potential of cannabis to improve your well-being and enhance your understanding of this extraordinary frontier. Subsequently, in this […]

Project DREAM: An Insider Look at Their Massive Contributions to the Cannabis Community

Close up top view of young people putting their hands together. Friends with stack of hands showing unity and teamwork.

YouTube Link: Season 2, Ep. 3: Project DREAM – Engaging the Community Good afternoon to our dear readers. Today, we bring to you a special spotlight on ‘Project DREAM‘ – an entity that has been making enormous strides within the cannabis community. If you recall, we’ve previously touched upon their endeavors in one of our earlier […]

Learning More About Terpenes & Minor Cannabinoids

green cannabis leaves and black glass drops bottle

Delving into the world of cannabis unveils a treasure trove of complexity and intrigue. However, the celebrity cannabinoids, THC and CBD, dominate much popular discussion. Cannabis, in its multiple nuances, carries within itself an expansive universe of hundreds of compounds, each contributing to its magnificent potency and versatility. In this enlightening journey that we embark […]

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