October 28, 2019

Essential Protections for Parental Cannabis Use in Maryland

kids dad gardening

Parental cannabis use could stand to have some guidelines. Why? Because our community talks about de-stigmatizing and having a cultural dialogue. But doesn’t dive into the nitty gritty of what protections aren’t in place. In this case, the spotlight is on social services and how cannabis use can separate families. And that’s an inescapable truth […]

What You Should Know About Smoking Cannabis On Campus in College

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Smoking medical cannabis on college campus is more than likely a heavy no. Even though in Maryland the University of Maryland, Baltimore offers the nation’s first graduate cannabis degree, students more than likely can’t medicate on campus. And even though you’re a college student who can access cannabis legally, if you’re living on campus, your […]

Maryland children, medical cannabis and the trouble of school

kid smiling

Maryland children can become medical cannabis patients. The plant can serve as a boon to children whose lives have been racked by disease or disorders. But what happens when they need their medicine in school? There’s anti-marijuana/drug policies with public schools, and some worry about legal ramifications. Though there’s less than 200 patients who are […]

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